Sunday, June 29, 2008

My new dress

Let me know what you think but I love it.

Great weekend

I spent yesterday shopping. I bought a new dress and skirt at Reitmans. Then I went to the mall met Mairi-Claire and her baby for lunch. Then I was headed on my way out and I went to Le Chateau to look for a jean skirt and found this really nice blue dress. Not something I can usually pull off but I tired on and really like it. I will post a picture a little bit later. I love it and feel realy good in it. Then I headed to Battery's work and we sat there and had a couple drinks, came home and relaxed. Today we headed out to my brothers house to see the boys. I got there and he was like what are you doing here we are just leaving. I was like I called yesterday but it seems my sister in law didn't tell him I was coming. So we only stayed for a bit, then went out for lunch. Tonight I had coffee with lanna one of my best friends that I haven't seen in about 6 months we had a chance to catch up. She has had a lot going on and that is why I haven't seen her so she said its nothing against me. Which is good to know. Only bad thing from this weekend is I haven't had any excerise at all. But I will be back at it tomorrow hoping for a loss this week.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Weigh in

I am up 0.6 this week. I was hoping to lose but I am going to try to not take to hard. I have still lost 3.2lbs this month. I think that is pretty good. The last 10-15lbs are always the hardest to lose so I am just going to keep at it and hope I see a loss next week. My plans for this weekend, I am going shopping tomorrow with my mom need to get a couple more skirts and Battery is working. Then Sunday I am supposed to have lunch with one of my girlfriends that hasn't been around that much so hopefully she keeps our plans this time. Then monday I am working which sucks but at least I have tuesday off. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Feeling better

I am feeling better about things this morning. I know that I am doing my best by excersing, drinking my water and eating on plan. Today is going to be a strange day Battery is working until 5 and I am off at 4 as usual. So I am going to go hang out at his work until he is done I brought a book. So we probably won't get home until 5:30 or 6:00pm. So I am going to have my workout then and have dinner. Tonight I am going to do the cardio max 20 mintue workout. Next week I think I will be able to do level 1 & 2 for the power sculpt. But I think I need another week at level one for cardio max.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I can tell by looking at myself in the mirror I have gained weight. My stomach is swollen too, I just don't what I did to cause the weight gain. I did got over my points by 3 on monday, but since then I have been excerising, I have been eating on plan and drink tons of water. In fact today I had four liters of water. I am just finding it so hard and frustating, truthfully I feel like I big fat big. I have excatly one day until weigh in, well on day and two nights. I know gaining every now and then happens. But it usually only happens around my period, which is still a week and half away. I tried talking to Battery about it but he just says your are beautiful you aren't fat what are you talking about it. It is really sweet for him to say but I am just upset right now. I did workout tonight and I am going to do another 20 mintue workout. But I am not looking forward to weigh in at all this week. I am sure I am going to have a gain, I am not going to be happy about it.
I did the 20 mintue workout last night and then I helped in the garden, we were actually out there for an hour and half getting all my grandmas flowers ready. I fiqured I was doing really good until I stepped on the scale this morning, I am still at 173 WTF? I have been working hard, eating on plan, drinking my water. I am just hoping it goes down by friday morning weigh in. I can deal with staying the same this week I know if happens but to go up almost 2lbs is just crazy too me. Well I am going to try not to stress, either said then done. I am just going to keep eating on my plan, have my workouts and drink lots of water and I guess I will see what happens. I drank gartorade on the weekend to help with my stomach problems and maybe that is what did it but I fiqured it would be out of my system by now.
HTabbey-There are differnt purses by Roxy I own 4 Roxy purses, here is a link to the last one I bought.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I did workout yesterday, so thats two days in a row. But I only did another 10 mintue workout, starting out slow since its been too long. I am thinking today I am ready for the 20 mintue workout though. I ended up going out for Thai food for lunch yesterday, I went over my points my 3. But I am just going to work hard this week, drink lots of water and excerise. Hopefully I will see a loss this week. I need to loss another 1.2 to get down to 170. I am hoping to get there this week, but I am not going to be really upset if that doesn't happen. I am trying to just follow the plan and see what happens. I find if I put too much pressure on myself and I don't make the weight loss goals I want I get upset and end up binging. Other than that my new Roxy purse arrived yesterday I love it, I bought to take on the plan for our trip to Hawaii, however its not as a big as thought it would so not sure if its going to work for the plane. I need to fit two mp3 players, passports, wallet and nintendo ds in there. So I will see if I can get it all in. I also found this Roxy passport holder that I am watching on ebay. When it comes to Roxy I go a bit crazy, I love love love it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Today I am feeling the best I have in almost two weeks and its sunny yeah! My plan today is to eat healthy and I am acutally thinking of going for a bit of a walk at lunch, I will see how I feel then. I am wearing heels so I don't think I could go too far but it might be nice to get out of the office for a little bit. I am making butter chicken for dinner tonight so I am looking forward to that. I am going to do my 20 mintues cardiomax after work. Battery said he is going to join for that but I will see what happens. He always says he is going to workout with me but never does. I don't blame him he gets a pretty good workout from his job anyways. Unlike me, I sit on my bum for most of the day. The most excerise I ever get is going up and down the stairs to get coffee. Other than that I am usually sitting here at my desk typing away.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting There

I went back to the doctors yesterday to talk him about the acid in my stomach. He seems to think its just the end of the stomach virus I had. He gave me some sample pills to help with it and it seems to be working. I took one yesterday morning and one this morning. He said if its still going on by tuesday to come back and they will go from there. I got early this morning cleaned and did the laundry, so we could have a relaxing day. I just finshed the biggest loser cardio max workout, I only did the 10 mintue one and it wiped me out. Since its my first workout in two weeks I don't want to over due. My plan for the rest of day is to help my parents with the garden and getting the flowers in. Then Battery and I are going to grab donairs for lunch. I haven't had on in forever and I still have 25 flex left so I thought I would treat myself. Then I am playing on watching some more on American Dreams on tv. I just bought in on DVD and I love it. I just wish they would realse the next two seasons. I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Weigh In

I weighed in this morning, first step on the scale I was 170.8, second time I was 171.2 so I took that weigh in. I am happy that I lost something at all.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I didn't do a workout tonight, I was feeling so wiped out when I got home. Dh wasn't feeling good so I was taking care of him. I ran out and got him A & W for dinner, I ended up having some of his poutine and onion rings. I didnt have anything else for dinner so hopefully it won't affect my weigh in too much. I know I won't lose any weight this week anyways with being so sick. I am feeling way better just really tired and I seem to have a lot of acid in my stomach. So I am hoping that passes soon. I have drank a lot of ginger ale in the last week so i think that might be it. I will see how I do and if its still bad on Saturday I will go to the doctor. I went to see my best friend tonight and little Quinn. He is sooo cute, he was asleep the whole time I was there but I help him for about 45 mintues while he slept I will post a picture in a couple days once its uploaded. He is sooo tiny, 6lbs the same size my nephew was when he was born but he isnt very long, so i found he super small. But it was to hold a little baby. DH didn't come because he wasn't feeling good, when I got home he told me he put me the boots I was looking at ebay. I said but we can't afford them and he was like that we will fiqure it out. He said that I really deserved, I am happy just hope they fit because sometimes I have problems getting boots to fit over my calfs since they are kind of big. But I think it will keep me on track since they were so expensive and really want them to fit. Well I am headed to bed now, I will post my weigh in tomorrow.
I think I am pretty much better now. So I am looking forward to actually having a workout tonight, I am going to take it slow but I think it will be good to get off my butt. Work has been crazy this week but I brought me mp3 player to keep more focused so I can get through everything. I have decided aganist getting those boots they are just too much money, with us going to Hawaii we don't have a lot of extra income right now. So instead I have ordered two sex and the city books from chapters as a treat for myself. Well that is all for me today.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting there

I am sick feeling a bit sick but not as bad. I ended up living work early yesterday because by the afternoon I was so sick I was almost throwing up. I did mange to have a porkchop and some crackers for dinner so that is good. This moring I woke up a bit sick to my stomach so I had some crackers for breakfast and I am feeling okay now. I down one liter already of water already so that is good. I think if I stay the same this week I will be happy. Tonight we have to mail some packages to New Zealand for Battery's mom and family. We are going to send them by boat but still hoping that they don't cost too much. Also I found these really cute Ugg boots on ebay I am thinking of getting them but worried about them fitting over my calfs. The person told me they are 37 cms so I guess I need measure my leg, but I don't have a tape measure. Here is a picture of them what do you all think

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On the mend

I think I am finally getting better. I am still a bit quesy today but not bad. I stepped on the scale this morning I am up 1bs, so not bad. I haven't really been counting points all weekend. I have just been working on getting myself better. I am going to try and have a workout tonight. I am going to try the 20 mintue biggest loser cardio max. I am hoping to get all the way through but I am feeling weak still so we will see what happens. I would love to see a loss this week but I am not going to put too much pressure on myself. I am just going to make the best choices I can try and get excerise in and drink lots of water and tea.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Well I am back at work today. I am feeling okay still a bit queasy but way better than I was feeling. I am going to do my best to get through the whole day. But I have let me boss know I may need to leave early depending on how I was feeling. My goals today are to eat lightly, have a lot of fluids and hopefully get back to my normal self soon. I am going to skip the excerise for a couple more days to see how I do.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Anyone want to shoot me?

Just when I thought I was getting better. I woke up this morning with horrible cramping in my stomach. I then spent most of the morning bonding with my toilet. I went to the doctors today and she said there is a bad bug going around. I can't eat anything I am drinking ginger ale, which I can finally keep down. I just don't get it I was so sick last week and now again with something else. I feel like I have been run over by a truck. I am hoping I feel a bit better tomorrow, otherwise I guess I will be spending fathers day in bed.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm back.......

I finally stayed home sick yesterday, I am feeling a bit better today. I am back at work but thing I will have an early night tonight and hopefully that will cure me. I haven't met Mairi-Claire's baby yet since I have been sick, but she sent me a picture and he is such a cutie! I can't wait to meet him. I had my weigh in this morning and I was down 0.4 I was really surpised. I was hoping the best I could do was stay the same, so I am really happy a lost. My plan is to get fully better over the weekend and then get back into my usually scheudled program next week. Well that is all for me today. Happy Friday everyone.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am at work again today, but I am thinking I should have stayed home. I still am not a 100%, I am just going to try to get through the day and do my best. I am going to drink lots of tea and water again to help fight this bug off. I am hoping to feel better by the end of the week so I can go meet the new baby. I am so happy for her, she called me last night for the hospital and she sounds great. She said that she is tired, sore but really happy. She will be released today and she is going to call me tonight. I told her I have a cold, but should be good to go for the weekend.

My mom talked to the family docotor yesterday about my grandma, he said that basically her immune system is eating away at her body, which is causing the lower lung capacity. The pills they have her on is actually to kill her immune system to help her. If it doesn't work not sure what is next. But it has been ordered that we don't see her even if we have sniffles. So I am staying away this week. My grandpa has congestive heart failure, they have him on water pills, but basically they could go at any time or they could live another 10 years. I am thinking postively that they will be here for another 10 years at least.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Its Offical

I am sick, yesterday I thought I was just super tired. But thismorning I woke up and I had a headache, sore throat and I am coughing. I stepped on a scale to a 2lb gain. I am hoping its just because my body is trying to fight stuff off. I didn't work out last night because I was exhausted. Even though I am sick I am going to try to do some sort of workout. I don't want this whole week to be a write off because I am sick. Today since I am at work my plan is to drink lots of water and tea and try and get better fast. My best friend gave birth to 6lbs one ounce baby boy last night, they name him Quinn. I am so happy for them, but won't be able to visit for a couple days since I am sick. Well enough of my whining I am off to drink some tea.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday, Monday

I am so bloody tired today, I am not sure what is wrong with me. Although we did have a super busy weekend, so that is probably why I am so tired today. I got a good nights sleep but could barley drag myself out of bed. The weather was sunny when I woke up, so I put some sandals on and now i am freezing at the office.

I did track my points for the weekend and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I went over by 4 points which isn't too bad. If I had actually had time to workout on the weekend I would have had that covered by my AP points, but that is okay. Tonight I am going to do my 20 mintue biggest loser workout cardio max. It really kicks me in the butt. Then tomorrow I will go back to jogging and alternate. Not too much else to report, I am hoping today goes by fast.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

e t

I can't believe the weekend is almost over. Its been crazy busy, we just got back from the twins first birthday party. It was fun but Battery missed the cake because he was outside I was pretty upset about it, it was really important to me and he missed. I told him and he apoligzed. The weekend has been really hectic and I am feeling like I am in a bit of a funk, hopefully a good nights sleep will fix that. Eating wise things haven't been great, but I am doing my best. Its been a lot of meals out I am going to calcute it in a mintue. But tomorrow is a new day.

Friday, June 6, 2008

WEIGH IN DAY!!!!!!!!!!

As of this morning I am now 172.4, I am down 2.6. I was so happy this morning, I guess the working out is really working for me. I had worked out 6 days in a row, last night I just did 10 mintues level 2 cardio max because I was wipped out. But I still got an awesome workout. Tonight I am having a night off and then I will start again tomorrow. The cardio max is defientiley giving me really good results. Tonight Battery and I are going to Quiznos for dinner and then shopping for some water shoes. Tomorrow should be a quiet day at home and Sunday is the twins birthday party. I will post pictures of that. Well I am off to get some work done, hope everyone has a great day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Keep Moving

Last night I went for my jog, Battery was tired so I went by myself. First time I made it almost all the way round, second time I walked, then I made it almost all the way around the third time. Fourth time I walked. The last lap I did a half way/half jog one. It was really hard last night though I was really sore still from all the activity this week. Tonight working out will be six days in a row for me. So tomorrow is going to be a night off from excerise for me. I need it I am feeling a bit worn out. But I love how the excerise is making me feel and changing my body so that is also a plus and I think I will be able to keep it up this time. I took a look at the scale yesterday morning and I am down 2lbs this week, I am so happy. Its finally working for me again. TOM is due to tomorrow so I am not expecting to lose anymore between now and then. As long as none of it comes back. I am drinking lots and lots of water so that doesn't happen.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am feeling really good being back on plan and excerising with today that is 4 days in a row I have excerised and I am really liking. It was a cold and rainny day here but I forced myself to workout and felt great afterwards. I am think this week I will see a lose of one pound if not more which will be great. I think what makes me frustrated is not seeing any losses which makes me want to over eat. I finally broke out my biggest loser cardio max, I only did the step one 20 mintue workout because I never done it before. It worked me out really hard, I can really feel it in my bum and legs but it was good. I was sweating 5 mintues into it. I am really going to try hard to keep it up. I want to try and go jogging three times a week and do a workout dvd twice a week. I will give myself two days off.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Well I feel like I had a really good on plan day. I went jogging with Battery when we got home from work. I went around 5 times, first time I walk half then jogged half, then I jogged all the way around, walked all the around, jogged all the way around and walked all the way around once more. I was really happy with my self. The second time jogging around all the way half way through I didn't think I could go anymore but Battery kept telling me I could do it and I did. When we got home we had mango chicken with Casear salad for dinner. It was really good, I have been feeling extra hungry today but I am chalking that up to overeating yesterday. If I want a snack later I am only going to have a popsicle for one point. Battery decided to get on the scale after dinner and connivenced me to do it to. I was sitting at 180, but I am thinking that was due to just having dinner. I don't think its possible I put on an extra 5lbs in the last week. I did pretty good eating wise over the weekend. My plans for tomorrow is 4 liters of water again, to stay on plan and since its supposed to rain here tomorrow I think I will try my 20 mintue biggest loser cardio max dvd.
I am so tired today, I could of used a day off. Jonathon ended up back in the hospital yesterday so we had Manning again for about 5 hours. Battery and I took him for another long walk and to the playground. I think he really enjoyed himself, my eating wasn't that great yesterday for some reason on Sundays I always seem to eat too much. But at least I got lots of excerise. As long as the weather holds out here today the plan is to go jogging after work. I noticed the jogging and walking is really working on my legs, I can see a differnce right way. Which is awesome because I have always hated my legs, but now my stomach seems to the bigger part so I will have to fiqure out some excerises for that part of my body. I started a challenge on the weight watchers thread which I think will help me. I am running it to October 1st, its called the end of summer challenge so if anyone else wants in just let me know. Well I better get to it, I hope everyone has a good one.