Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I know I haven't been here for awhile. I haven't really had time or been in the mood. I also haven't been on weight watchers for two weeks. I haven't gained any weight though. It looks like I have stayed the same, I might even be down this week. I would be happy to get into the 160's this week but we will see what happens. I haven't excerised at all in two weeks either. There just hasn't been any time. Last week it was making all the arangments. This week its been back to work and trying to help clear out Nanny's stuff.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nanny passed away monday afternoon at 3:20pm. The doctors told me mom it wasn't looking good early Monday morning, but she would be alive for at least another 48 hours. So my mom decided not to tell me, I then got a call at 3:10pm to get to the hospital, but I didn't make it in time. I feel horrible right now. I wish I had been there for her. The service is on Saturday, my mom and I are having to do everything since my grandpa can't handle it. Right now I should be in bed since I have to drive Battery to work at 6, but I can't sleep. i have started smoking like crazy again, I think I have gained at least 5lbs this week so far.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Doing my best.

My nanny is not doing good at all. They are unable to treat her for what she has, so in a sense she is dying but we have no time period for how long she will last. I am trying to spend as much time with her as possible. Even though its just sitting there and holding her hand. I am still doing my best to eat well but excerising isn't really happening. My goal for this week is to go for a walk every night after dinner. Even if its just to the track and walking around for 30 mintues. It will be better than nothing. I would really love to break into the 160's this week, if it doesn't happen thats okay I am really stressed out right now. I am getting unexpected TOM's and raging headaches. My goal is to get through all of this and not gain weight, I think I can do it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Weigh in

Well its been a really rough week with Nanny in the hospital, it really wasn't looking good all week up until yesterday. Yesterday she seemed a bit better so that is good, we are hoping she will pull through. With everything going on I still tried my best to eat right but only got one day of excerise in and that was monday. I did my weigh in yesterday morning since we had a dinner out last night and I lost 0.4. Which took me back down to 170.8. I am getting really close to the 160's. I am hoping I will have more time to excerise this week, but it just depends on how Nanny does.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am doing my best to just keep going, I am taking one day at a time. My nanny isn't doing too good right now. So we are just hoping she pulls through but no one really knows. Other than that I am doing my best to stay on plan and get some excerise. Yesterday I did 20 mintue biggest loser. Tonight we will be up at the hospital, so I am going to try and fit a walk in after dinner. I am having some issues at work to with a guy that works here. He freaked on me on Friday so I told my boss, she told me to tell HR. Now they are having a meeting with him today about it. I am hoping he doesn't freak on me again after this. Well thats me for today.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Weigh in

I am down to 171.2 this morning, which means I am down 1.2 today. I weighed myself yesterday morning and I was 172. I had some chips and choclate last night so I fiqured I might just stay at 172, so I was suprised to be down almost another pound this morning. 160's here I come.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Busy Busy

I had a super crazy busy day at work yesterday. I worked my bum off and it was great because it made the day go by really fast. Also Eb Games finally called me back, they will be more than happy to give me a refund so I am going down there tonight to get my money back. After that its home for a quick workout maybe only a 10 or 15 mintue one. Sean & Tina and the kids are coming over for a family BBQ because nanny is going into the hospital on Friday. I am still upset about her but trying to think postive. I feel like I am making really good progress this week and I am looking forward to some sort of a loss. Well thats it for me today, I hope everyone has a great day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Crappy horrible day

I had a really bad day yesterday, I had a meeting with my boss she doesn't feel I am working up to my potential like I have done in previous months so that was a blow, so I am going to have to work harder than I ever had before to prove myself. Then I got a call from my mom, my grandma went to see her specalist the drugs aren't working, so she is going into the hospital on Friday for up to 10 days. They want to montior and give her the medication through IV to see if that works. If it doesn't we don't know how much longer she has. So I was really upset and was crying at work which I hate doing, I don't like people seeing that side of me. I am throwing myself into my work today to distract and so I don't really think about that. I am proud of myself because with all that going on I didn't turn to comfort food. I stayed within my points, drank my water and did 10 mintue workout.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Well I am back to it again today. This weekend I had TOM and really bad cramps, so I spent most of it in bed. We went out to the pub Saturday night to watch the UFC fight I only had one beer. I ordered Pasta for dinner but it wasn't very good so I only ended up eating half of it and then I ended up getting it for free since I didn't like it. I didn't do any excerise all weekend either since I was feeling good. I am back to it today though I am staying on plan, drinking 4 liters of water and I am going to do my 20 mintue cardio max after work today. The Bachlorette finale is on tonight but we have plans so I am taping it. I think I will save it to watch on the weekend and that way I can some popcorn or something while I watch it. Other than that I am feeling good and hoping for a loss this week. Time to get this butt in gear again.

Last night I went and added new songs to my MP3 player, took it downstairs and tried to turn it on nothing happened it was compeltey dead. I was so upset, this is my second MP3 player my last one died after a year and same thing with this one. I emailed tech support and they said since its out of warranty they can't do anything for me. So I tried this morning and it went on so I plugged it in to charge. But I think when I get home I am going to take all my songs off it and put it on the computer just in case it goes down again and doesn't come up.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Weigh in

I was up a pound this morning. I am not too impressed but I knew it was coming I had a bad week and then we had sushi for dinner last night. So it is possible that it was salt but I am not too upset about it. I am going to work extra hard this week and I am sure it will come off next week. Now I am just hoping the sun comes out over the weekend.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Well tomorrow if weigh in day. I am hoping to stay the same after all the bad eating this week. I did good yesterday I got in three liters of water and stayed on my points and I got in 10 mintues of biggest loser workout. I also bought the my weight loss coach game for the Nintendo DS so it had me doing lunges, crunches and pushups also. So I think in all I had about 20 mintues of workout. I am just going to do my best today drink lots of water and whatever happens tomorrow happens. If its a gain I am not going to be too upset because I did have a really bad week.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I am so off track the last few days. But I am going to work really hard today and tomorrow hopefully I will stay the same on Friday. If I don't and I go up its really my own fault from all the extra points. I went over by 4 on Monday and over by 8 yesterday. But yesterday we were at a Canada Day celebration I had a couple Smirnoff ices plus a donair which was the healthiest thing I could find. I am a little bit pissed off at eb games right now, we have spent plenty of money with them over the years. We put a second hand game from them on Sunday we get it home and it doesn't work it starts and then freezes so I take it back on Monday and ask for me money back. They said no we can offer you store credit, I was like no I want my money back so I can purchase it somewhere else. If they have another copy available I would have taken it. The guy that was helping was helpful at all and I found him a bit rude. I tried reasoning with him and then I finally asked for a manager. I was told there no manager available and he would try to get one on the phone. He called on other store asked for the manager there was told there wasn't one there. I said well what are you going to do to help me. He was like I can offer you store credit, Battery finally stepped in at that time was like you sold us a defective product give us our money back. He was like no. Not I am sorry sir but now, Battery at that point lost his temper said what about our f-ing consumer rights. I then told Battery to calm down and still didn't get anywhere. So I then told the guy to screw himself and walked out. I know I shouldn't have lost my temper but I really felt like I was being mistreated. I have now called there head office and I am waiting to hear back from them but definitely not a good customer service experience