Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well I am now 11 weeks pregnant. The baby is due on May 29th. I am starting to feel a bit better not throwing up as much as before. But now I am trying to be more careful with what I eat don't want to put on too much weight.

My doctor put me on the patch to quit smoking. I wasn't able to do it completly by myself like I had hoped. Sorry I haven't been updating much I have just been so sick.

Hope all is well with everyone else.

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candlerun (htabby) said...

Congrats on now your... I guess twelfth week being pregnant! Happy that the sickness is not as much for you anymore and that your life can get back to well, almost normal. lol

I hope the patch helps you out.

Heh! Did you go to Hawaii yet?

Keep in touch and take care of you and your new upcoming little one! ;)